I often get asked the question, “Why do I need help? I can fix myself, by myself.”

While it is true that most of us seek our own personal therapy, some kind of relief from stress or pain, to find a more balanced state of well-being, we do so in a variety of ways, some productive, some destructive. The difference between self-therapy and psychotherapy is that a licensed psychologist is trained in analyzing human behavior and in guiding a person toward productive change, with professional expertise according to the best practices known to the field of psychology. All that being said, I am not here to tell you what to do. I am here to listen, analyze and guide emotional and behavioral change through skill development and enhancement. And most importantly, I am here to ask the right questions and establish a rapport with you that is impartial and non-judgmental. Together, we come up with goal-oriented plan to help you evolve into a stronger, more resilient, happier you.