The MV Psychological Services Approach to Treatment

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Dear Friends,

Welcome. I think it’s important to talk about what my goals and guiding philosophies are for my practice. Firstly, I am a true believer that all of us have the ability to change at any point in our lives. It’s all about how badly you want to change. Change is difficult, no doubt, we all become creatures of habit; but change is always possible.

Secondly, I believe you are the most important part of your own treatment. I just get the privilege of taking a healing journey with you. I facilitate one’s journey in order to connect to one’s truth and ability to understand his/her symptoms. All human behavior has a purpose, and so as we connect better, more truthfully to ourselves, we allow ourselves to be free of symptoms and live a constructive life. So, we will work together because effective therapy starts with solid rapport.

Thirdly, “Don’t give from your well, give from your overflow.” What I mean by this age-old adage is that once you are in a better place, you are better able to be with others in any type of setting (work/socially/intimately/with family, etc). Our first priority is improving your relationship with yourself, which often involves enhancing self-esteem to allow for self-care, new skills development and becoming the best you can be.

Ultimately, my goal is to empower individuals to awaken their potential for healing, alleviating mood/anxiety/trauma symptoms and personally developing themselves to live a better quality of life. I tailor make sessions to suit the individual using everything from Western evidence-based methods to Eastern healing techniques.

When you walk through our doors, I promise you a professional and pleasant atmosphere. Myself and the team here are dedicated to providing high quality, ethical, psychological services that will help you (individuals-couples-families-communities) grow and flourish while reaching your therapeutic goals in a confidential and safe environment. We look forward to meeting you.

With warmth and gratitude,

Monica Vermani


Dr. Monica Vermani, C. Psych.
Clinical Psychologist